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Hacking: Chinese vs. NATO kill lists.

Russian RT news, a propaganda outlet for Putin, invariably represents the West as supporting the Nazis, and recently made a video about a NATO kill list of “problem people” in case of conflict with the Soviet Union. It seems a bit strange at first that Russia would be interested in this, given that many of its journalists critical of Putin have been poisoned and murdered. Is Russia planning an invasion and drumming up support for this invasion by pre-informing its allies?

imageGiven the recent hacking of government official data by enemy hackers, one can obviously understand that we are seeing a projection of shadow. We always project and talk of what we know and what we have planned.

Thus it is entirely possible that foreign powers and Manchurian elements in the US have their own kill lists of patriotic individuals in case of enemy invasion. Heck, we have no hit lists in case we invaded, say, China, having no knowledge of who to trust in any of our operations in Iraq or Afghanistan – Political Correctness and Rules of Engagement overshadowing our best choices. We know the Soviets and enemy had a definite cultural kill list inside America, however, and Russia might still use it to this day, whereas relationship needy US policy precludes from any of that. In fact we are so weak that Political Correctness not only prevents the nation from removing undesirable “elements” of culture, but makes them now sacrosant. The deal is in for Obama “narxisism” and Russia in America.

Let us remember that liberals like Kennedy were murdered and replaced by radicals such as Hillary, and the same with MLK hijacked by the like of Jesse Jackson, or Malcolm X by Farrakhan. It seems that now the US is becoming a vassal of Iranian language, and Russia does not need to worry about NATO but now nations like England might have to fend by themselves! Thus the program is of nations and individuals on a kill list going on a global scale. Do you all feel the heat yet?

As Obama said, we are entering change, and time is a changing. Tell us what kind of change are we to expect, and how far this change is to occur? Is America going to be picked piece by piece the way Obama would allow the Russia-China-Iran axis to pick the world and our allies piece by piece? Are nations going to figure this is World War III, and that no culture currently protected in America is slated to be of any self-defending viability but expected to merely be  an instrument -ie. not the new national or global image it pretends to defend?

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