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HAIL MARY? GOP Candidate Jindal SLAMS Trump as “egomaniac” to show he’s a major player

One of the GOP Candidates at one-percent in the polls decided this week it was his place to tell Republican voters that Donald Trump is “non-serious,” and a “carnival act.”

Bobby Jindal devoted his entire speech Thursday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to attacking Trump, calling him “shallow,” “a narcissist,” and “an egomaniac.”

He slammed Trump up one side and down the other. Jindal has barely registered in recent polls, and must have decided this was how to get some attention.


Jindal is acting like nothing more than a surrogate. It’s not a first for the Bush family if that’s the case.

GOP donors are worried because Bush can’t get traction. 97% of his 100 million is from big donors. He has more million dollar donations than anyone. This seems like a part of a coordinated attack on Trump, which is fair in politics but can be damaging if the public realizes the tactic.

Bush doesn’t want to use his money running tv ads. That money will be needed later. They use Jindal in the hopes they can brand Trump as a racist. It may be the only way to take him down. While Bush can keep his hands clean.

Instead of telling me how bad the other guy is, say what YOU will do to make America a better place for me and my family. When I see someone go after another, it tells me you are weak and have to drag the other guy down to make you look better.

Trump responded the way he has

Check out Jindal calling out Trump:

We’ll see if it moves him up in the polls any better than it did Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul

H/T – Bobby Jindal

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