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Hannity to Cruz: “Every time I have you on the air you throw this in my face, I’m getting sick of it”

I was listening to the Sean Hannity radio show this afternoon and Sen. Ted Cruz joined the show. It was a cordial welcome. Hannity wanted Cruz to speak about the process he was using for the convention and the Texas Senator threw up a wall.

Sean was trying to relay to Cruz that people are finding the entire process confusing and any help he could offer would be great. Hannity brought up what happened in Georgia this past weekend and Cruz responded by saying only the hard-core Trump supporters worry about that which seemed like an indirect shot at Hannity which caused the dust up!

That wasn’t all. Cruz kept bringing up Trump in lieu of whatever answers he gave.

Listen to the exchange here:

Cruz probably won’t be back on the Hannity show for a while after this. Cruz didn’t want to answer the process question without ripping Trump and Hannity was trying to get to the answer without invoking Trump.

What are your thoughts after listening to this interview? Who was right and who was wrong?

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