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Hannity EXPLODES on Fusion’s Jorge Ramos – I don’t need any lectures from you about illegal immigration!

Fusion’s Jorge Ramos has had a problem with GOP front-runner Donald Trump and his promise to the American people to help fix the illegal immigration problem the country faces by building a wall and removing illegal aliens only to allow them back in through a legal process.

Ramos has contended in interviews with Hannity and Bill O’Reilly it isn’t possible to remove 11 million illegal aliens (by the way, the number is more like 30 million, but Rams doesn’t accept that). Ramos also have this knack for answers questions with another question which can result in an unpleasant conversation.

From Politico:

Sean Hannity and Jorge Ramos clashed early and often in a contentious interview on the Fox News personality’s program Wednesday evening over — who else? — Donald Trump.

Hannity opened the two-part segment by referring to Ramos’ accusations of racism against Trump as “offensive,” blasting him for being “fundamentally unfair” for taking Trump’s quotes about undocumented immigrants out of context.

Ramos was kicked out of a Trump press conference when he tried to dominate the press room when he wasn’t called on to ask a question. He was later allowed to come back in.

Watch the interview here and hold on to your hats:

What did you think of Hannity’s position? Did you find the idea of Ramos promoting illegals to disrespect our nation’s law reprehensible? Share your comments (below) and add share this story on your Twitter/Facebook timeline.

h/t – Hannity

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