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Hannity interviews Trump: Some of your competitors/ignorant journalists blaming you for Chicago protests

All I can tell you is that if these anarchists think that they are going to change people’s minds with this sort of thing, they are gravely mistaken.

I’m not actually terribly shocked – the rumors were all over the internet for a couple of days and I do remember 1968 all too well. Whatever the underlying cause, it was a concerted effort to disrupt our political process. And yes, I’m furious.

Transcript from Sean Hannity:

Well, I don’t see any violence at Trump rallies. I’ve been watching and flipping the dial tonight. And somehow people are trying to flip this on you. Some of your competitors and frankly some pretty ignorant so-called journalists have been trying to do this same thing as if you stating your political opinions is responsible for this.

Hannity had it right in calling out ignorant journalist and competitors. Sen. Ted Cruz even joined in on the side of the paid protesters against Trump tonight blaming him for the violence.

What are your thoughts about what happened tonight? Share your thoughts and opinions below  in our comment section.


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