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Hannity: Mark Levin Anniliates Obama For Ignoring The Constitution, Tells GOP To ‘Start Acting Like Men’

Hannity and Levin were both amazed at how Obama could say in his State of the Union that none of his proposals would add a dime to the deficit. Levin said Obama continues to lie to the American people, and went after him for not acknowledging the grim realities of the economy in his address last night. He claimed that the president “treats us like we’re France,” and completely ignores the Constitution in trying to get his agenda past Congress through executive orders.


Hannity said that Republican unity will be the key to pushing back against Obama’s policies, asking Levin if he has any advice for them in fighting back. Levin laid it on the line for the GOP.

“Start acting like men and women. Start toughening up. Start drawing lines and mean it. Just say no, as Nancy Reagan used to say, but just say no to Obama… We have a problem on our hands. We can’t keep feeding it. So sometimes you’ve got to make some tough decisions. If it requires shutting down the government for a few days, shut it down.”

He concluded, “Stop acting like groomed politicians, speak in plain English.”

Hannity and Levin ended agreeing that they are both fearful of what the Obama administration has in store for the next four years, but Levin said Republicans need to start taking him to court and doing whatever they can to legally stop him.

via Mediaite


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