Hannity Takes on Ferguson Protester; You don’t Want Justice for Officer Wilson

Sean Hannity tonight took on the founder of “Justice for Mike Brown” as part of a panel on the impending Ferguson grand jury decision, and the reports that one group has put a bounty on the head of Officer Darren Wilson.

Hannity challenged founder Derk Brown on groups which are reportedly planning to agitate if the grand jury decision isn’t against Officer Darren Wilson.

Bill Johnson, of the National Association of Police Organizations, also weighed in on the panel, expressing concern that the federal Department of Justice seemed to jump into the Ferguson investigation early and listened to horrible allegations.

Former NYPD Detective Bo Dietl also sounded off.

“This is not the Wild West, Sean, this is justice. We have to wait for the justice system to react.”

He added that agitators “are just looking for an excuse to steal, to set fires, to riot.”

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