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Happy #IndependenceDay! Here are my top 3 Patriotic Songs of ALL-TIME

Ray Charles “America The Beautiful” blends so much spirituality and love of country, I can’t contain myself when I listen to it. Charles used to rock side to side with emotion and this song really does it for you. Many of you didn’t know there was an additional verse to the song and he gladly gives us a quick education moment here. Listen to these words and know America is beautiful.

It goes without saying Whitney Houston’s “Star-Spangled Banner” is one of the most listened to patriotic songs on the interweb. The song was sung during the Superbowl and it hit on so many cylinders that day, it was played on radio stations for the next couple of weeks as a regular track. If America means anything to you, you might even shed a tear when listening to this rendition.

I just happened upon Celine Dion’s “God Bless America” by chance and when I did I placed it in my hall of favorite patriotic songs. Dion’s voice angelic as you will see totally blew me away and reminded of of God and country. This is another song I couldn’t contain myself with

Do you have different song favorites? Share them with me below in my comment section. If you like these three, share this post today and remind those why we celebrate Independence Day.

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