Hard Choices or Bad Choices?

Hillary Clinton’s new book Hard Choices is praised by liberals because it displays her knowledge of global politics, but in reality it tells you how much she ignores the real issues such as the suffering in Latin American countries.

I noticed three issues in her book that blow my mind:

First, Clinton wrote that she greatly admires Marxist President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff for the way she handled her opponents’ protest in Brazil. According to Clinton, Rousseff sits down with her people to discuss their differences and how they will work together to handle them; but the thousands of protesters claim otherwise, saying how they have been systematically abused by the government since the protests erupted.

Here is an excellent video that went viral showing how Dilma handles her opponents. It will show you that Hillary has no idea of what she is talking about:


Secondly, she applauds president of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos with FARC (The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) offering peace for the future of Colombia and its people. Well she has no clue that most of the Colombians do not agree with Santos’ negotiation with this dangerous terrorist group. FARC keeps bringing violence by killing brave, innocent people in the Police and Military Forces of Colombia, and also by collaborating with the Castro-communism and drug trafficking in Latin-America. Apparently, the Democratic Party in our country likes negotiating with terrorists; it is the new system for them.


More information about Colombia peace negotiations and how it will affect their current presidential elections can be found in this Washington Post article.

Finally, the third issue she mentioned in the book is that she urges president Obama to end Cuba’s embargo. Again, this shows how democrats are very happy sitting next to criminals that have abused Hispanic people for decades. In attempts to aid Cubans into liberating themselves from their dictatorship, Clinton thinks it’s great to send United States’ government officials to have friendly talks with the Castros – people known to be involved in drug trafficking, murders, and oppressing their citizens. How can you sit with your enemy and have a dialogue? Only people with no shame and zero values could do something like that.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., the first Cuban-American and Latina elected to Congress, tweeted the following to Charlie Crist and his flip-flopping position on the Cuban embargo during the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher back in February.

We MUST NOT lift the anti-#Castro embargo until ppl of #Cuba r able 2 have #humanrights.

Also, in another tweet, Ros-Lehtinen said Crist promotes politics that help Raul Castro and not the Cuban people who ‘suffer under his dictatorship.’

My view on this is exactly the same – nothing should be done until Fidel Castro and his brother pay for what they have done to innocent people in Cuba and in the rest of the world.

My question to Hillary Clinton is: are you on the side of the socialist oppressors in Latin-America or are you on the side of people demanding freedom?










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