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Harry Reid thinks GOP primary candidates are “all losers” & Hillary shouldn’t face a primary challenger

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid sat down with CNBC’s John Harwood for an interview where he expressed that he thinks all of the GOP primary contenders are “losers” and that he dislikes primaries.

Reid says he doesn’t favor an internal challenge for Hillary Clinton:

“I am not a big fan of primaries. I don’t think they help, especially when you’re someone as noted as Hillary.”

This isn’t surprising given the Democrat party’s stance on choice. The only time they like choice is when it comes to gay marriage and abortion.

Reid also went on to say that he thinks all of the people who’ve thrown in to run in the GOP primary are “losers.”

When Harry fell off of his exercise equipment he must have forgotten who got demoted in the last election, and who no longer controls the Senate.

Fact is, Harry Reid is the loser.


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