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Harvey Weinstein: An Inconvenient Idiot by Kathryn Stuard

idiotMr.Weinstein, Obama’s top fundraiser and wealthy movie producer announced on Howard Stern’s radio show, says that he plans to make a movie that “will make the NRA wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.”

In the interview, Mr. Weinstein appears to be nothing short of a dolt. He stated that no one in America should have a gun. He claimed that the only time to USE a gun for protection is if “you’re marching half a million people into Auschwitz”!!

Hello? This pie-in-the-sky fool knows nothing of history. The Weimar Republic demanded that all German citizens register their guns. And soon came the good old Nazis who had the list of all the gun owners. And what did the Nazis do? They took all the guns from the Jews. Howard Stern asked him how he would get a gun if being marched to Auschwitz. Weinstein said he would find one? Really? How? He’s a Jewish man. If he had been alive during WWII, he would have been dis-armed and then dead.

What Mr. Weinstein is trying to create, by tarring and feathering the NRA, could very easily result in a similar situation as the Germans found themselves in – Jewish or not. Do we really want a government that has all the guns?


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Full time patriot. Mother of five. Wife of best man in the world. I like to play tennis and shoot guns. But not at the same time. Follow me on twitter @westxgal

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