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Hateful racists burn Korean War vet’s flag and write ‘Blacks rule’ on his driveway

It is a shame that people still try to insight racism but what’s more a shame is when people stay quiet about it.

I have friends who live in South Mississippi and they describe the area as diverse, so to see  a few bad people ruin such a great place, it becomes a tragedy.

It is way past time for the majority of good people of all races to stand together and stop this. It starts with getting involved and reporting when bad people do things. Work with our young and teach them the right way and to learn from the mistakes of the past. The world is in big trouble and I pray that the next generation will be more tolerant.

Earlier this week, the daughter of an 85-year-old disabled veteran discovered the charred remains of his Mississippi state flag, and racial graffiti in front of his Pascagoula home.

Also on the man’s property — the words “blacks rule” scrawled across his driveway in front of the home he’s lived in for nine years.

More from WLOX:

Bob Comans is hoping police will find the people responsible for causing a mess in his driveway.

The Pascagoula man said sometime overnight, someone removed the Mississippi state flag from his house on Jackson Avenue and burned it. The flag was found on the ground next to the words “Blacks Rule.”

Comans calls it a “copycat” crime because of the heated debated over the Confederate emblem on the corner of the state flag.

Comans said he proudly displays the Mississippi flag because it’s a symbol of heritage, not hate. – Jackson, MS

Police are not labeling this a hate crime just yet, because they first have to establish who the suspect is in this case. Comans believes two teenaged boys from the neighborhood are behind the vandalism.

What are your feelings about this and what should be done?

H/T and Photos – WLOX


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