Mall Brawl at Towson Mall in Maryland via Twitter (Vine Screenshot)

Have you heard these latest attacks across the nation? We need a wake up call now!

Over the weekend, large groups of black teens descended upon malls and other popular gathering places across the country, where they engaged in fights that became so disruptive that in many cases, the malls were forced to shut down.

The undeniable trend was reported in unlikely places such as People and USAToday, but the mainstream media only scratched the surface. People Magazine, for example, only mentioned the brawls that occurred at the Arden Fair Mall in California, the Chicago Ridge Mall in Illinois and the Opry Mills Mall in Tennessee. USAToday added the Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh and the Independence Center Mall in Missouri, but both outlets failed to mention the Navy Pier in Illinois, the Wolfchase Galleria in Tennessee, the Walden Galleria Mall in New York, the NorthPark Mall in Iowa, the University Park Mall in Indiana, the Beachwood Place Mall in Ohio, the Towson Mall in Maryland or the Lloyd Center Mall in Oregon.

Arden Fair Mall evacuation (screenshot)
Arden Fair Mall evacuation (screenshot)

Aside from malls, large fights also broke out at the Rock and Roll McDonald’s in Chicago and the Publix supermarket in Orlando. It is likely that these types of incidents occurred elsewhere, but have gone unreported. Many of the brawls, along with videos have been documented at Broadside News (here and here) but the vast majority of media outlets have failed to recognize the severity of this frightening epidemic and some of the common threads that should be noted.

Fight at Rock and Roll McDonalds via WGNTV [Screenshot] Police indicated that they will not investigate this incident
Fight at Rock and Roll McDonald’s (see man using chair as weapon) via WGNTV [Screenshot] Police indicated that they will not investigate this incident
In many of these instances, a large group (sometimes numbering in the hundreds, such as here, here and here) would arrive at the food court. In several cases, a few agitators would rile up the crowd and break-out fights would occur. In many cases retailers would pull down their gates – with customers still inside the stores – for everyone’s protection. Initial reports from witnesses in many cases indicated that people heard gunshots, but police dismissed those claims (see here, here and here). It should be noted that for all the violence, hardly anyone was arrested.

Police officers and security officials were met with resistance, as well (see here and here). The malls themselves often tripped over themselves to describe the incidents as isolated and blown up by the media.

Officials at the Opry Mills mall, for example, said in a series of tweets,

Reports were false about a fight with 150 people. There were separate incidents by a few teens, many onlookers but no injuries.

But an alleged witness to the fight described a terrifying scenario on Facebook:

I was at the Opry Mills Mall last night when several groups of young black people decided to fight with each other. This happened 4 or 5 times. I saw 2 young men and 2 young women arrested. One girl was pregnant and another had what looked to be a 2 or 3 year old brought to her screaming and crying while she was hand cuffed. She was more worried about fighting than taking care of her poor child. Probably 50 more should have been arrested. According to our waiter, this has happened 3 weeks in a row and had happened the night before…

While their peers oftentimes criticized these actions as evidenced on social media, the fact remains that there is a dangerous element of mostly black teen and young adult Americans that have been engaging in mob activity. This is not new, but it is also not acknowledged by the mainstream media or politicians so many are unaware that the epidemic exists.

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