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HE IS NUTS! Michael Moore Says Trump’s Climate Executive Orders Will Cause Human Extinction!

On Tuesday, President Trump signed executive orders reversing Barack Obama’s environmental policies.

It did not sit well with many leftists, especially Michael Moore. He claims it would mark the beginning of human extinction.

It takes a lot of stupidity to believe this. He had more to say.

Climate change has been in existence for the past 4.5 billion years. Nobody can stop it from occurring.

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Some Twitter users responded to Moore’s absurd claim.

He has a record of making these type of remarks.

Last month, Moore called for Trump’s arrest over the Michael Flynn controversy. Then he wanted the courts to throw out his 2016 election win and start over.

Sadly, it is not just him overreacting from the executive orders. Many leftists are acting like the environment will be destroyed for undoing Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

This belief that the federal government needs to control every aspect of our lives is truly a distorted mentality.

What do you think about Moore’s tweet? Comment below and let us know.

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