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Heck No! Akin Tells Hannity Romney Exploited Rape Statement Controversy For Political Gain

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s radio program for the second time in as many days, Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akinattacked the GOP’s presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, for joining a chorus of Republicans asking him to withdraw from the race. Akin said that Romney had blown the controversy out of proportion and implied that he had done so for his own political gain.

Listen to the interview below via The Sean Hannity Show:

Hannity asked Akin, given the number of prominent Republican politicians asking Akin to drop outincluding Romney, if he is even pausing to consider leaving the Senate race in Missouri.

“Let me ask you this,” Akin began. “If you were in Romney’s position, don’t you think that he may have bid this thing up and made a bigger deal about it than he needed to?”

“Why couldn’t he run his race and I run mine,” asked Akin. “If things really look like they’re getting in trouble in Missouri than maybe — but he has just assumed.”

From Mediaite

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