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Heidi Cruz just responded to Donald Trump’s tweet; I think this was a very bad idea!

I think this is gone too far now as I had previously addressed it in a quick breakdown earlier today.

If there is one thing I am sure of, the Cruz’s do not want to get the label of opportunist based on a misunderstanding created by a SuperPAC that was created to take down Donald Trump.

I strongly feel Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi, should not be in front of the cameras. Liz Mair, the creator of the SuperPAC (which I will not name), sent out the tweet about Donald Trump’s wife, and he defended his wife as any caring man would and as Ted did with his responding tweet.

This needs to stop now, or it’s going to get way out of hand. Heidi should not be on the national stage as a bulldog for the campaign. This is not that time or the place and better yet the subject. If the Cruz campaign wants sympathy then fine it elsewhere but not like this.

Maybe the Cruz campaign needs to target Mair or denounce her and call for her to stop her practices as she was the one that started this bad blood.

Here is Heidi Cruz quick press conference:

Do you think Heidi should be out in front of the cameras? Do you think the Cruz campaign is using this as a way to gain sympathy for future primary days? Please leave your comments (below) and share this on your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

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