Ted Cruz to Media: Keep on “attacking” me but at least write 1 story on Chuck Hagel

Here is a local video report from Austin, Texas of Sen. Ted Cruz visiting a Weapons Manufacturer. While there, Cruz did not back down one iota in the face of the liberal media onslaught against him for daring to ask hard questions about President Obama, the Benghazi Scandal, and Obama Defense Nominee Chuck Hagel. Cruz fired right back at the media:

“A lot of media attention has been focused on the attacks that have been leveled on me, and I would encourage all of you, if you want to write stories on that, great!. Knock yourself out! But I would ask, for every ten stories attacking me, perhaps write one story on the substance of Chuck Hagel’s record.”


Absolutely outstanding! That’s why the liberal media already hates him. Even this report spends about half the time going after him, but at least they did let him give his side. Rarely do you see a freshman Senator make this big an impression in just six weeks on the job. Something tells me Ted Cruz is going to keep making a whole lot of liberals uncomfortable for a long time to come.


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