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Here we go again! THUG tries to rob church during service but didn’t expect this to happen

This time there was no confederate flag.

Pastor Les Snodgrass was addressing his small congregation on the value of life this past Sunday morning when a thug armed with a knife and gun attempted to rob the congregation but it didn’t go as planned.

According to New York Daily News, Johnny Grace, a congregant of the church, threatened the life of the Pastor’s 76 year-old mother.

In the middle of the service in the 700 square foot church, Grace got up and asked to use the restroom. Snodgrass said yes, but when the 21 year-old man returned, he was carrying an authentic-looking BB gun and a knife. He pointed his “gun” to the head of the pastor’s mother and began screaming profanities as he demanded cash.

Snodgrass tried to reason with Grace as his wife moved in front of their 10-year-old daughter Kiera to protect her. His 18 year-old son also jumped in front of his 23 year-old sister Kaylee.

“I couldn’t believe he was doing this to us,” Marie Snodgrass said of the man she still calls Johnny. “We never expected anything like this from him or anyone that comes to church.”

Well the Lord works in mysterious ways and the Snodgrass family decided they were going to put their trust in God and take down this guy.


When Grace threw a pair of handcuffs at the pastor’s wife Marie, she refused to bind anyone. As the young thug yelled at her, the pastor and son Darius charged at him and quickly subdued him.

“It’s almost like an angel gave me a little shove,” the pastor told the press. “Next thing I know, I had him against the wall.”

Marie grabbed the stun gun she carries in her purse and ran for the exit with Kaylee to get help. They were able to flag down a motorist, who called the police.

Grace has been arrested and charged with robbery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, and false imprisonment. The Snodgrass family was unharmed, but they are still recovering from the shocking experience.

Check out the video report:

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H/T – New York Daily News

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