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Creative Commons Ted Cruz, Photo By Gage Skidmore ©2013, Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Here’s 5 Reasons Why Ted Cruz Can Win GOP Nomination And Presidency

I’ve previously mentioned Ted Cruz as my choice for the next president. But here are 5 reasons why, not only I support him, but why his chances of winning are good.

1) Ted Cruz is a solid conservative

Heritage Action has given the first-term senator a perfect 100% conservative rating, and a 97% rating from Conservative Review. The timing of running is also beneficial for him. In the 2014 elections, we witnessed a repeat landslide win for Republicans, as we did in 2010. And just this month, tea party conservative Matt Bevin winning the Kentucky gubernatorial race was a huge upset, and proof that these big election wins can very well carry into 2016, where the American people are fed up with moderate nominees. They want a conservative, as was the case in 1980 with Ronald Reagan.

2) Ted Cruz is the least flawed candidate

Ted Cruz is absolutely solid, and I agree with him on at least 95% of all the issues. My only concern was his support of the 2013 amendment of increasing the cap on H-1B visas by 500%. However, I do hope he can reconsider this view he had, and when you look at all the issues overall, I still believe Cruz is the least flawed compared to other candidates. Not only is he too smart for liberal reporters and their attempt with “gotcha” questions, but he doesn’t appear to have any controversial past of “skeletons in the closet” that they can attack him with.

3) Ted Cruz is rising in the polls

Not only is he rising in some key states, but rising in some national polls as well. In a recent NBC News/SurveyMonkey online poll, Ted Cruz tied with Ben Carson for second place with 18% support. In the latest Fox News national poll, he tied with Marco Rubio at 14%, as well as rising to second in Iowa.

4) Ted Cruz has a very organized campaign team

Not only is Cruz near the top of the list in terms of fundraising, but is getting many key endorsements as well, including from Iowa Representative Steve King. He is also creating a national Faith Leadership Team, which now includes more than 200 faith leaders endorsing him from all across the nation, solidifying his Christian, evangelical support. Contrary to candidates such as Rick Perry who had some finance issues before dropping out, Cruz’s campaign is steadily increasing with time and can help propel him as one of the last candidates standing.

5) Ted Cruz attracts newcomers with his bold statements

Despite critics of Ted Cruz claiming some of his policy plans are unrealistic, his commitment and perseverance to the cause of constitutional conservatism attract more people, because millions are tired of politicians either saying one thing and doing the other, or caving in altogether to Democrat demands. His call for repealing Obamacare, including his famous 21-hour filibuster in 2013, shows he’s a fighter, and that is what many love about him. He also recently announced his “Five for Freedom” plan, which would abolish 5 government agencies: IRS, Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Cruz knows that millions of Americans are frustrated with politicians over the decades making things worse, especially for the last 7 years under Obama.

With less than a year from the 2016 election, Ted Cruz’s chances of winning the nomination and the presidency seem to grow as time passes, and even other campaigns are showing some worry over it. Only time will tell, but Cruz is very much proving he has what it takes to win.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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