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Here’s Why Everyone Should Draw Muhammad

Garland, Texas was the host of the “Draw Muhammad” Art Show on May 3rd, organized by Pamela Geller. Geller is a prominent voice in the fight against the Islamization of America and hosts/promotes many educational events that expose the true evils of the “religion of peace.”

The event was also the target of two radical Islamists who attempted to force their way into the building with firearms, presumably to inflict harm and/or kill the attendees. It is widely known that Muslims detest the depiction of their Prophet Muhammad and tend to become violent towards those who don’t heed their demands of compliance. Security shot and killed the perpetrators and only suffered the injury of one man.

Social media exploded over the shooting and when the dust settled, there were essentially two arguments:

  1. “This event should not have been hosted, because it was just asking for trouble.”
  2. “It’s their right to express their Freedom of Speech and drawing Muhammad is covered by that.”

While I understand both sides here, I’m going to explain to you why everyone in America should draw Muhammad.


America is an amazing country with freedoms that most of the world could only dream of. Because of these rights, it is guaranteed that some people are going to be offended, and that’s okay. You can’t agree with everyone 100% of the time, but you also can’t take away their ability to say and do things that offend you. The First Amendment wasn’t created to protect things that only you like, and for good reason.

As easily as you silence someone else, you can also be prohibited from expressing yourself or your opinions. Say you know someone you disagree with who owns a business, and that person expresses an idea that you disagree with. You organize a protest (also protected by the First Amendment) and have hundreds of people sitting outside the business, effectively driving customers away from the business, as they don’t want to be harassed. This person loses their business, their employees lost their jobs, and everyone is broke and homeless. Victory, right?


This person is upset (naturally) and decides to organize a protest outside YOUR business, and using your tactics, prevents your business from making money. You’re upset, because you didn’t do anything, in your mind. You just exercised your First Amendment right to protest, so the law is on your side. But the thing is, it works both ways. They have just as much right to protest you as you do them, reasons aside. The First Amendment protects both of you and you can’t prevent them from sitting outside of your business, whether you like it or not.

Islam widely suppresses free speech and infringes on basic human rights and if you dare break one of their rules, you find yourself on the business-end of either a rope or a rock. As Americans, we cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by people who behead Christians for their beliefs, but become offended when we draw a cartoon.


So why should we all draw Muhammad? Because we are told we can’t. We need to show them that we will not be threatened into silence. Americans should not ever be intimidated by anyone. Freedom is a precious thing, and if you allow your rights to be trampled on because you’re afraid, you’re already a slave. I personally believe that we have a responsibility to exercise our First Amendment right even when and possibly ESPECIALLY when it offends someone, because that’s when it’s most important. Popular speech doesn’t need protection. It’s those of us who stand alone, spouting an unpopular opinion who need the First Amendment the most.

So to those saying the event provoked the attacked, let me ask you this: If a Christian attempted to shoot up an event where you were blaspheming Christ, would you have brought it on yourself, or would you blame the attacker?



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