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Herman Cain defends Trump against Black Lives Matter! “Your goals are destruction and distraction”

Former Presidential candidate Herman destroyed these activists who also appeared on the Kelly File to criticize Donald Trump’s record with minorities, calling them “part of the political noise machine.”

“They are in denial that Donald Trump is someone who will be forceful in doing the things that are right for all Americans,” Cain said.

A few fact checks before you watch the video:

Claim 1: Trump said Hispanics are bringing in rapists, killers, and drug dealers

The panelist has his facts wrong. Trump talked about ILLEGAL immigrants coming across the border. Some of them were rapist, killers, and drug dealers. Not even a month after this, Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. Other examples of Trump’s claim was verified afterward.

Claim 2 – Green said Trump even called Megyn Kelly a bimbo

This never happened. Trump did retweet someone that called Kelly a bimbo, but he never crafted an original tweet with those words.

Claim 3 – He disrespects Presidential candidates. He called Marco Rubio (Liddle Marco), he called Ted Cruz (Lyin’ Ted)

This is true. As those candidates have also engaged in attacking Trump in the process. Politics was never beautiful.

Watch the rest of the video below:

Do you know why a lot of people can’t make informed decisions in this day and time? Their flawed judgments are crafted on liberal soundbites.

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