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Herman Cain: Pence’s Performance Helped Trump!

Sen. Tim Kaine reminds me of someone who thought they were a real person but was given a choice to gain much power if he would put his personal feelings aside for the good of the party. He is now being called out on it, and he knows he gave up his soul & ethics to gain power, but he can’t admit it to himself. Pence’s values and faith come first, and the contrast is striking.

As frustrating as the Democrat guy was last night I kept reminding myself he was on Hillary Clinton’s side so of course, he does not make sense. He kept screaming some interruption to common sense ideas. I’m so glad I get it.

Not only did Kaine interrupt Pence but so did the moderator when she didn’t like the way his answers were going. Good job staying smooth Mr. Pence.

Former Presidential candidate Herman Cain broke it down in great fashion why Pence helped Trump moving forward. Trump has said Pence was his first hire to get America working again and to many voters, it was an excellent choice.

Earlier in the VP debate, I thought to myself that Kaine was probably told to play the interrupted game so people could not hear every time Pence came out with the truth of Hillary’s failures and corruption. He threw himself under the bus for Hillary. He tried to use the same tactic Hillary uses, but he’s not as good at it, she has had far more practice.


Liberals are so disrespectful and rude and volatile! They quickly go ballistic and turn violent. Why is it that they seem to all have the propensity to do this? Could it be that they are on the dark side of the issues, siding with the devil and opening themselves up to be used as his pawn?

If Pence is the type of people Trump will choose, there is hope for America, class, and intelligence. We know Kaine failed his state, why would anyone ever trust him as a VP? I am now more convinced that I am voting for the Right Ticket!

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