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Herman Cain RIPS GOP on Donald Trump attacks! Get over it and allow the people to speak

Former GOP candidate Herman Cain, who ran in 2012, believes the GOP needs to accept that Donald Trump is likely its 2016 presidential candidate but he’s getting tired of the GOP trying to change the results and the will of the voters.

“I believe that the establishment needs to get over it and just allow the people to speak, and so far 285 delegates — that’s not a fluke,” Cain, a retired CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, told Fox News on March 2. “Get over it, establishment.”

“Evangelicals or people of faith want the same thing that everybody else wants,” Cain said. “They want a strong economy, and they want a strong military, and they want a leader, a fighter and a winner. That’s why he won the state of Georgia as well as some of these other states.”

“The party is expanding,” Cain said. “They ought to be celebrating what Donald Trump is doing for the Republican Party at this particular point, but instead they’re pushing back.”

A total of 1,237 delegates is needed to secure the GOP presidential nomination.

h/t – Fox News/YouTube, The New York Times

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