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Hero Husband Captures Would-Be Burgular at Gun Point – Captured on Video

This is the moment a furious homeowner armed with a shotgun caught a serial burglar carrying away his neighbor’s 47-inch flat-screen TV.

The alleged burglar, Gilbert Nunez, 27, had broken into Paul Cavazos’ condo building in San Antonio, Texas, at least twice before – including once when he stole a laptop from Mr Cavazos’ home while his girlfriend was home.


Hold it right there! Surveillance cameras on Mr Cavazos’ house captured him bursting out his front door armed with the shotgun and confronting the crook

Arrested: Gilbert Nunez, age 27, was handcuffed when officers arrived. He faces drug and burglary chargesThe video shows the thief, identified as Gilbert Nunez, age 27, drop the TV and put his hands up. Mr Cavazos motions him over to the grass where he makes him lay on face-down until police arrive to arrest him.

‘Compliant,’ Mr Cavazos said of Nunez, who was staring at business end of his shotgun. ‘He was very compliant.’

The San Antonio man said he keeps the loaded pump-action 12-gauge shotgun in a safe for protection. He hopes he never has to use it again, but it makes him more confident knowing that it’s there when he needs it. The suspect was subdued without Mr Cavazos firing a single shot.

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