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Hey America! Clinton Campaign Manager Won’t Deny Hillary Supports Sanctuary Cities

All these lefties have memorized answers, whether they fit the question or not.

Sanctuary cities were initially set up by liberal organizations and municipalities to secure future liberal voters and increase the welfare base, so anyone trying to blame the Republican legislative policies on this travesty is off the map.

Clinton’s campaign manager Robbie Mook, who has to be one of the worst ones in my generation looked rather stupid and ridiculous with his haphazard answers and found the right thing to say instead of telling the truth.

Amazing, sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. How much of our tax dollars is spent on sanctuary cities for illegals? Would that money not be better spent on our veterans or inner city kids?

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How much money does it cost the American tax payer to catch, prosecute and incarcerate all of these illegal aliens every year? After all of these years, we could have built a great wall and manned it with border security agents and drones. Think of the jobs and the boost to our economy. We could finally stop the attack on our southern border and the unnecessary loss of life and damage to property perpetuated upon the American citizen by the illegal invaders. But, the Democrats care more about illegals than they do about our citizens, so absolutely nothing is done to protect us.

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