Sheldon Adelson gambles to being the RNC to Las Vegas.

HEY RNC! Stay away from Las Vegas!

Right now, there are six cities working to become the host for the RNC convention for 2016. On that list is Las Vegas, and while some look forward to the ability to party it up, others are left scratching their heads at the possibility of throwing away a future vote.

If the RNC were to value the people who actually vote in an election, they would stay away from Vegas. Far away!

For many, the possibility of going to Las Vegas could be a good time. Others, just might stay home. You know, like they did in 2012 instead of voting.

The biggest thing in Vegas for the RNC is none other than casino tycoon, Sheldon Adelson. Great, he’s got LOTS of money. And, he likes to give millions to the Republican party. However, he’s already been hinting around like others at the chance to get behind and fund Jeb Bush.

But Jeb is just one of the little problems within all the insanity. Follow me on this for just a second. If, as many suspect, that the biggest thing in choosing a host city is money then look no further. Las Vegas has Sheldon Adelson, and Adelson has money. Lots of it. So, we go to Vegas to pander for money and put all that money behind someone the people don’t want?

But even if Las Vegas was picked, it would be a win for Sheldon. When you really think about it, he won’t have to drop too much of his own money. It’ll be yours! The only ones who win in Vegas are the casinos. So, Adelson pockets all that money and then donates it? Not a chance.

My advice to the RNC: Stay away from Las Vegas!

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