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Jim Bridenstine blocked by HHS

HHS to “Muzzle the Media” on Illegal Immigration

Last week, Representative Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) traveled to Oklahoma, as he often does, to see just what is happening to the people in the state he was elected to serve. One stop that he always tries to make is Ft. Sill, and while he was there he wanted to check out the holding area for the illegal immigrants that were dumped there.

Even after pulling the “I’m a Congressman” card, he was denied access and informed who he needed to contact in order to schedule a tour. So, that’s just what he did after being denied multiple times at the same visit.

Health and Human Services replied back to his request with seven rules “in order to protect the safety and privacy of the children.”

According to a release by the Bridenstine office, the seven rules are:

  • No recording devices will be allowed
  • No questions will be allowed during the tour
  • No interacting with staff and children at the shelter
  • We ask that your questions be provided via email or phone after the tour to Kenneth Wolfe
  • HHS ACF public affairs will provide answers to your follow up questions as quickly as possible
  • We will provide photos of the facility after the tour
  • There will be no on-site interviews by HHS staff before or after the tour, all inquiries go to Kenneth Wolfe

Do you agree with Jim Bridenstine that this violates the 1st Amendment?


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