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Hidden Report Recap: Race biased Judge Olu Stevens

Judge Olu Stevens feels that it is okay to bring his personal feelings into the courtroom. He hands down a lighter sentence to armed home invaders. I believe he did this because he is “deeply offended” by the 3 year old victim who stated that she is scared of black men after the home invasion BY black men who held her family at gun point.

Will Judge Olu Stevens be held responsible if these men hurt someone else due to his granting them probation? Stevens did not respond to any inquiries, he shut down his website and all of his social media. The courthouse is not taking calls, and their website is down. Perhaps this guy underestimated how people would respond to his “victim shaming.”

What a piece of crap this guy is, I truly hope he is removed from the bench. He does not deserve to rule over people’s lives. Clearly he is biased and incapable of performing the duties of a judge without bringing in his personal feelings.

Listen to the show recap.

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