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The Hidden Report Recap

Happy first birthday to WAARadio!

Please check out the latest episode of The Hidden Report​, with cohosts Jonathan Pantaleon and Arlette Perez.

Jonathan and Arlette cohost with Angel as they discuss the following points:

Is thug the new N word? There is a movement claiming that racist people are now using the word “Thug” in place of the n word. What do you guys think about that claim?

Freedom of speech and Islam. Why do radical Muslims consistently attack anyone who “disrespects” Islam? In America we have freedom of speech, but some of these guys consistently attack when they perceive disrespect. Think about what that means, they are already here, ready to attack!

NYPD Officer Brian Moore was killed while in an unmarked car and attempting to engage a suspect. Was this attack racially motivated, and does it even matter?

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