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HILARIOUS – iPhone 7 Users Tricked Into Drilling Holes For Earphone Jack

I saw this video today and at first, I thought, “surely no one is that dumb,” but immediately responses of owners who tried this and I was taken aback. Society has become not only politically correct but majorly stupid. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT DRILL A HOLE IN YOUR PHONE!

These stories appear every iPhone upgrade by non-Apple users. I don’t know why people think these stories are real.

From The Sun:

Owners have copied the video’s instructions to place the phone in a clamp and take a 3.5mm drill to where the headphone hole used to be.

Needless to say drilling a hole into your iPhone will leave you with a very broken handset – and not the promised addition.

Apple’s newest model has ditched the jack in favour of Bluetooth headphones to make more room for internal hardware.

But customers have been left angry at the decision – with some taking extreme measures to bring back the old hole.

As a result some desperate viewers were duped into destroying their new handsets with the cruel DIY tip.

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Techrax, owner of this YouTube channel is dedicated to experimenting with phones and basically screwing them up. The new iPhone 7 actually comes with a lightning adapter to connect a headphone jack through so all this blah-blah about it not having a headphone jack is silly.

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