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Hilarious Sexy Videos: Stop Ranting, Start Laughing with Julie Borowski


The genuine author is ultimate in authority, and Julie Borowski, as a rising star of libertarianism, does not disappoint. She gathers her initiating flock from left and right with a humor on subjects that would give us aneurysms.

In three videos here, she mocks state immunity promoted through feminism, such as the “Teach men not to rape” campaign. This campaign dries up funds and energy for truly abused women (and self-defense education), only to fund for the graduation of future politicians and suspected sex offenders (Bill Clintons) with corrupt titles of mediatic respect. This guaranties them strange luxuries and pseudo-authority, such as Pseudo-authors of pseudo-creations of pseudo-charities, from ever “becoming” rapists inherently – just as they insist that blacks cannot be racist through politically correct immunity.

Super (wo)man Julie Borowski easily defeats the bizarre Clinton-Obama team here. However, Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite – aka pot for libertarian self-defense “baby daughter” Julie. She is not a pot smoker (next video), but the mere approach of the subject leaves her confused as to why “potter”  Snoop Dogg would vote for Hillary who stands against it.

Pot smokers vote Democrat because they can get their free pot from Obamacare, a protected right – much like Sandra Fluke wants free sex provided by government or by religion ultimately like in immune Islam. Thus the costs of allowing pot could far surpass the costs of prohibition if worded wrong.

Obama (Hitler, similarly) benefits from ultimate immunity through socialism. He praises Iranians as rational anti-Semites while leftist Jewish circles still admire him as a Hope and Change Messiah, who can get all the radicals together to make peace and exploit the world with free stuff – everyone working for everyone as a communist love slave – you for his pot and her for your sex – which works in college but not in a real world of nuclear Valentines Day meetings massacres.

So, take on the day, and watch Julie for good mental balance as we face our time.




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