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Hillary Clinton directed staffer to removed classified headings then said “I don’t do things like that”

Hillary Clinton responds, “If they can’t, turn into non-paper with no identifying heading and send nonsecure.” If that isn’t directing someone to break the law, then I’m King of Prussia. Not only is she knowledgeable of this violation, but she is also guilty of conspiracy to commit.

She should be DONE!

But then again, Clinton could hold a press conference tomorrow and admit on camera she violated the law while serving as Secretary of State and that she lied about the cause of the Benghazi attack.  It simply wouldn’t matter to this president, his Attorney General, the DNC or to the die-hard HRC liberal supporters.

Clinton is the presumptive torchbearer for the progressive movement and their quest to retain the White House next year.  At this late stage, they have no other viable options. Her potential criminal activities, questionable ethics and judgement are of no consequence to them. It’s a must win in November or they will lose most every liberal law, executive order and policy put in place by Barack Obama. His presidential legacy would be wiped out, poof, gone within the first year of any GOP president.

Check out the All-Star panel discussing her latest problems

The panel thinks Bernie has no chance in the south and Hillary will win down there. What are your thoughts? Share your comments below.

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