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Hillary Clinton Hates Late Term Abortion Ban Because She Hates Babies

20 week fetusHillary Clinton hates babies. That’s right, the darling of the left, the heir to the Clinton crown, is coming out HARD against…babies. You see, democrats like Clinton use anti-baby terms like ‘women’s health’, ‘reproductive healthcare’, and ‘choice’ so that the non-baby-hating crowd doesn’t know what they’re really saying to the baby-hating crowd of the left.

The house passed a bill, 242-184 to stop the murder of babies in the womb after 20 weeks. Here’s a picture of a 20-week old unborn baby (I hope Hillary doesn’t see this, it will make her angry):

Hillary’s response to the House passing this bill? Well, she took to the twitterverse and said,

“When it comes to women’s health, there are two kinds of experts: women and their doctors. True 40+ years ago, true today. –H”

Let me translate that baby-hating message for you:
When it comes to murdering unborn babies, there are two kinds of experts: blood-thirsty baby killers with PHDs and women who’ve never looked at an ultrasound (and thank ‘God’ for that). Still not true, but if we keep saying it long enough (40 years didn’t quite do it), everyone will believe us when we say, “killing unborn babies is COOL!”
For poor Hillary and Bill, who are struggling on their $500,000 a month speaking engagement salary, the idea of more people being created simply means more people to compete with for that speaking tour money. When you think about it that way, no wonder Hillary Clinton hates babies.


Paul Gordon Collier is the Co-Founder and Editor of and


What do you think? Too strong a message for H?  Not strong enough?  What other anti-baby code words do leftists use?  Share your views below.  Be sure to comment, share and tweet.

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