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Hillary Clinton sticks to guns on mishandling classified information: “I’m not apologizing, what I did was allowed”

Anyone else enjoying the daily meltdown and overall dismantling of Hillary Clinton as much as I am?

Any other government employee who stored classified material (whether the classification label was removed or not) on a private server would be in jail by now. The smell is getting worse by the minute.

The FBI and courts will eventually settle, and legalities and hopefully a precedent will be set so nobody else will pull the same crap.


But this debacle shows, clearly, a few things;

  1. Hillary has showed atrocious judgement, thinking she could bypass any oversight, going opposite of Obama’s transparency pledge.
  2. Hillary how showed America how she would operate in the White House…kiss transparency and openness and honesty in government goodbye.
  3. She mishandled this so, so, so terribly, how would she handle a real crisis involving American lives or the economy?
  4. the emails show the “experience” she had at State was lightweight at best.

Clinton did not apologize for her decision when asked directly by NBC, “Are you sorry?” Asked Monday by the AP why she won’t directly apologize, Clinton said: “What I did was allowed. It was allowed by the State Department. The State Department has confirmed that.”

It was “allowed”? Allowed by whom exactly? The State Department you were in charge of? Just remember, something being “allowed” by some other person doesn’t make it legal

Oh well, your candidacy is over anyway and you are losing in so many polls now it’s time to bow out just like in ’08. See ya later canks, you’re nothing more than a disgusiting pile of old dust.

Check out the video report:

What are your thoughts about this?

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