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Hillary Clinton surrogate declares Ted Cruz most likely GOP nominee

It appears the Clinton Campaign is starting to look at Ted Cruz as the likely GOP Presidential Nominee, with Donald Trump now second most-likely. A new Des Moines Register Poll has Cruz with a 10-point lead in Iowa over Donald Trump.

Politico published this story this weekend:

Donald Trump’s apparent belief that the Republican primary contest is now a two-person race between himself and Ted Cruz isn’t exactly shared at the top of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta handicapped the GOP race for 90 Democratic donors assembled at a private fundraising event in Berkeley, California, on Thursday night, according to a Clinton backer who was in the room, telling the crowd that he viewed Cruz as the likeliest nominee, followed by Trump, and then Marco Rubio.

Podesta’s remarks — which he made sure to say represent his own views, not an official campaign position — came after the real-estate magnate proposed a blanket ban on Muslims entering the United States, and Podesta suggested that the resulting surge of attention being paid to Trump didn’t change his belief that Cruz was the likeliest pick.


Senator Cruz is looking very sharp, so I agree with Podesta. I like Cruz’s approach to foreign policy. No more nation building (as advocated by Hillary and Rubio). Use the military only when it serves to protect our national security, but then use it overwhelmingly. Cruz is right on this.

All fine and good, but once the general election campaign begins, Clinton’s gonna have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. She is fine around fellow democratic cheerleaders, but her loathful personality and an abysmal record will not hold up under scrutiny and around those who don’t particularly like her. Then, of course, the elephant in the room – the FBI criminal probe. Bet the Dems wish they had some backup plan cause Hilary is not someone I would put any money on.


But let’s not forget, the establishment, Democrats and Republicans are trying everything to make Trump go away and it’s not working. He’s not a puppet and he can’t be bought. That’s completely anti-Washington these days. If they continue to try to get rid of him, people are going to revolt and vote for him as an independent.

That includes a lot of future ex-GOP supporters. The gig was up the morning after the first debate when mainstream media was trying to convince us Jeb Bush won.

h/t – Des Moines RegisterPolitico

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