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Hillary “said” she paid staffer to set up private email server? Every time she opens her mouth….

Did you ever notice when Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is prepped for answering questions her eyes are bright and she exhibiting so much confidence as to she’s the smartest person in the room? It’s only when she’s caught off guard that her eyes drop, her tone drops which lets you know she got caught in the rat trap.

Clinton said on Saturday she and her family paid a State Department staffer with personal funds to maintain a private email server that she used for both personal and government matters while secretary of state.

After a campaign appearance in New Hampshire, Clinton told reporters the payments went to information technology specialist Bryan Pagliano, who this week declined to produce documents and testify before a US House of Representatives.

“With respect to personal services that he provided to me and my family, we obviously paid for those services and did so because, during a period of time, we continued to need his technical assistance. And I think that’s in the public record,” Clinton said.

Check out this video report:

Now come on people! Every time she opens her mouth, more skeletons fall out of that closet and she incriminates herself, don’t you agree?

H/T – Fox News

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