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Hillary says she’s sorry and this graphic explains it perfectly!

Outlandish is not Hilliary but the people letting her get away with this crap!

Rodham Clinton has been a lost cause many moons ago. How more creepy can someone get than claiming to have to ducked weapon fire after landing in Kosovo, when you can see her strolling to be handed flowers from a little girl on YouTube?

If I were into psychobabble I’d say that Hillary is beyond doubt a steaming plethora of mental disorders. Yet, I’d rather say she’s absent of morality and conscience. But the real stench is Americans willing to put this lost cause into the most powerful political position on the planet.

I keep seeing headlines in various news articles and seeing anchors on CNN stating that Hillary finally apologized for the server. I haven’t seen this in any of the clips I’ve seen. What I’ve seen shows her addressing the EMAILS ONLY and taking responsibility for not using two emails.

Why are people saying she has apologized for the SERVER?

Seriously, have I missed something? I think this graphic describes why she sort of halfway apologized. What do you think?


H/T –  A.F.Branco Cartoons

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