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Hillary supporter: Only four people died in Benghazi

Shouldn’t we expect better right? It’s just looney liberals, but there is just something about this that doesn’t sit well.

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was holding a fundraiser at an exclusive club owned by former drug dealer Jay-Z, yes that’s right, husband of Beyonce, when this took place.  By the way, at the event, you could get your picture taken with Hillary for $2,700, how great is that?

Outside, a group of protesters were getting people to have their picture taken with a “Pinocchio” nosed Hillary for just 27 cents, playing off the cost of the photo inside. Most people thought it was funny, but the elitists leaving Hillary’s fundraiser were not amused and confronted the protesters.

One Hillary supporter who didn’t like the sign of her being responsible for war crimes in Libya decided he had had enough and made this ludicrous comment:

“There was a foursome. The guys came up and they were saying stuff about how she’s a populist.  He was very aggressive, saying, ‘You had your say, now I’m going to say something.’ He said, ‘Only four people died in Benghazi.’”

“That was his point of view, which I thought was absurd.  He was pissed off. He gave his two cents and walked off. Maybe he was trying to show his girlfriend that he was hip enough to talk to the opposition.”

I wonder how many people need to be killed needlessly because of neglect and incompetence before elitist liberals consider it a big deal.

Can you imagine anyone being so callous? I guess after killing millions of innocent babies, it’s hard to get worked up over four shameless deaths.

What do you think about this supporter? Do you think Hillary will be the nominee for the Democratic Party?

h/t – Breitbart

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