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HILLARY’S MINION: Heilemann — Trump Foundation More Corrupt Than Clinton’s

Here’s a message for you liberals who are trying to make donuts out of dirt, comparing the Trump Foundation “scandal” to the Clinton Foundation is ridiculous: What Trump is accused of is the equivalent of accidentally walking off with the bank’s pen (of course if you fantasize about what he might have done with the pen afterwards it makes a better story). While the Clintons set up a fake bank, paid themselves huge salaries to run the bank and sold access to the bank, all while robbing the people the bank was supposed to serve.

There’s no comparison people!

Did Trump ever take millions from other countries and give them government favors, like Uranium? I think not. No comparison, just bias politics. Liberals can do no wrong, only conservatives. We all know this and do not accept these lies.

Watch the video report:

From Newsbusters:

The media was up in arms Tuesday following an expansive report by The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold, which alleged that Donald Trump used over a quarter of million dollars from his charity to pay for his personal legal problems. Bloomberg’s John Heilemann seemed rather perturbed by the allegations. “It suggests to me that the Trump Foundation, again if these allegations are true, is way more corrupt on the face of it, way more corrupt, than any allegation than the Clinton Foundation is.” Heilemann declared on With All Due Respect.

Heilemann seemed to take great joy the idea of a Trump committing a legal impropriety. “Dude, if this story is true, and the Pam Bondi story … you got a slush fund allegation here, you got a pay for play allegation or closer to a bribery allegation there,” Heilemann stated, counting the ways Trump could find himself in legal trouble.

Co-host Mark Halperin took issue with his description of Trump’s actions as “corrupt,” but Heilemann insisted:

You and I both have issues with the Clinton Foundation, how it has done business. But these two stories, and this one in particular, are gratuitously corrupt. And we should hit hard on the fact that this is a guy that seems to be running a charity in a way to advance both political and business interest, rather than what charities are, in fact, supposed to do. Non-profit.

That is an important distinction Halperin made there, because that is what the Clinton Foundation is accused of. Recently discovered e-mails show how Clinton Foundation donors were able to obtain special meetings with Secretary Hillary Clinton, and the ability to ask for favors. Even though what Trump was alleged to have done is terrible, it is not quite up to par with having access to the US federal government.

Same old thing from the left. Trying to destroy Trump because they know he possibly become POTHUS. That is very scary to the left. The party would be over. Hillary will be under investigation and then prosecution and hopefully jail. Then the investigation of the DOJ under Obama and also investigate the reason for corruption in the Obama administration. Of course also get rid of the FBI director.

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