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Hollywood Anti-Cop Protests: Fact or Fiction

I entered one of the most hilarious social media feeds I have seen in months when I happened upon Kurt Schlicter in my news feed this morning. He was mercilessly mocking @CassandraRules over the outcome the of the #MillionsMarchLA. The hyperbole in Cassandra’s tweet rant and the comments in the subsequent threads are hysterical. We’ll just say these protesters were not exactly Tienanmen Square quality and probably did more to make a mockery of their cause than have any real impact.

The evening starts with an excited Cassandra holding her really edgy protest sign. The “F*** the Police” written in glitter with about the same talent as my toddler niece really demonstrates her angst. And the duck face pose? That made me take her dedication to the cause ever so seriously. (Funny, by the time this posted, I could no longer find the image on her timeline. Good thing I had already tweeted it back to her.)

So her journey begins and thousands gather. They begin writing in chalk on the sidewalk, burning a flag in the crosswalk and other assorted stunts. These included a cry of “No Justice, No Peace” for Antonio Martin. You know the guy who leveled a gun at a cop and got himself killed? Oh, and a rousing chorus of “We Shall Overcome” to ensure we all remember we have made no progress on race relations since the 1950’s.

Then some genius gets the idea to block the road and disrupt traffic at Hollywood and Highland. Genius! People laid down in the road and soon, a human chain was formed. With all that Cassandra is actually surprised when the cops show up. Funny that.


Turns out that police officer could be clairvoyant.

And so the hyperbole begins………

The car “plowed” through the protesters at an observed speed slower that of the speed used to get to the fridge for a beer at halftime during the Superbowl and drama ensued. Note the protesters actually trying to push the vehicle backwards and banging on the hood. Really kids, just move.

While this vine video was removed from Cassandra’s timeline, a really observant twitter follower had already downloaded it. Poor Brian required an ice pack like a kid at Saturday pee-wee football game and may I say, took it with less grace and toughness. As an aside, the kid at the pee-wee football game was probably hit with more force. Note the grimace, he could barely hold it long enough for the Vine video. After all the stress and mayhem, Cassandra had just one thing to say.

Insightful and edgy yet again. She then wonders aloud why the LAPD is not pursuing the driver of the vehicle while being clear in her tweets the protesters did not call the police nor would they speak to them about the incident. According to Cassandra it must be a conspiracy aimed at the protesters and a sure sign of a corrupt police force. The logic here is just stunning.

Cassandra got her fair share of comments this morning, especially after Mr. Schlicter found the tweets and began a running commentary. A true twitter must scroll if you have the time.

Cassandra decided to answer all of the commentary in a single tweet.

I guess she told us.

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Stacey holds a MILR from Cornell University and has held executive positions in Fortune 500 companies managing employment strategy and workforce development. A lifelong Libertarian, she joined the Conservative movement leading up to 2008 elections. Ms. Lennox is a contributor to IJReview for for topics related to Georgia and host two podcasts a week on WAARadio.

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