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Hollywood ignores Biggest Horror Story of all- Gosnell Murders

The mainstream media ignored the horrific Gosnell abortion case, and now Hollywood is too.

An independent filmmaker says he will tackle the gruesome and controversial case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortion doctor serving life in prison after multiple convictions on first-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.

Recently a project to bring the story to screens around the country is moving ahead with a public campaign to raise $2.1 million.

“I think Americans will step up,” filmmaker Phelim McAleer told Secrets about “Gosnell.”

McAleer’s plan to raise more than $2 million via the crowd-funding website Kickstarter was thrown off course when the website objected to the description of the project and raised concerns about the political convictions behind it.

“This is unacceptable to us and it should be unacceptable to any filmmaker particularly on a platform such as Kickstarter which claims to be all about artistic freedom,” McAleer said. “Kickstarter’s actions are particularly odious and alarming because they are an attempt to censor factual descriptions of a serial killer’s actions.”

Kickstarter has so far not responded to questions about the allegations made by McAleer.  McAleer calls Gosnell America’s biggest serial killer and is shocked that there hasn’t been a movie made about him yet.

“There have been four movies about Ted Bundy, five about the Zodiac killer, three about John Wayne Gacy, and the Lifetime network has already made and broadcast a film about Jodie Arias – who killed one person. Kermit Gosnell killed more than them all put together,” McAleer said. “You’re more likely to find Hollywood executives at a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood than trawling the media for stories such as Kermit Gosnell.”

The producers say the reason there hasn’t been a movie is simple: Hollywood’s left-wing bias.

“Hollywood and the mainstream media have been very reluctant to cover this serial killer, but we think it’s time Gosnell’s story was told,” McElhinney said.

Instead of seeking Hollywood money, the producers have turned to Kickstarter rival indiegogo to seek support.

Part of the problem is that the truth of this case is so gruesome it’s distressing for decent people to contemplate it.

It’s clear the mainstream media and now Hollywood are deliberately downplaying or ignoring it because it exposes the true underlying nature of abortion mills. Ghastly.

These are the same people who demand MORE gun laws to stop the butchery of innocents by gun toting lunatics. The same ones who advocate for LESS laws covering the butchery of innocents by abortionists toting scalpels and scissors.

Dare I mention Planned Parenthood? Where the hell are they in this beastly mess? If Gosnell had fire bombed Planned Parenthood or an Abortion Clinic the left would be calling for his head with huge headlines, long videos by talking heads and front page articles for months, no doubt Hollywood would have quickly jumped in.

It’s about time the Gosnell house of horrors story is told, publicly. The Media has brazenly dropped the ball on this and are guilty of their duty to report this to the public.

The Stench of this story is upon us all.

h/t Washington Examiner


h/t indiegogo   Go here to Find out more about the Gosnell Movie Project

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