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Homemaker defends home against 3 invaders, kills 1, 2 still at-large!

You never think to be in this situation, waking up in your own house with three intruders breaking in trying to take what you earned. This mother, homemaker did what she thought was best and she came out on top.

The only issue is two of the invaders are still at-large. Hopefully, the police catch these criminals and bring them to justice for what they did to this family.

From Fox45Now:

Trotwood police say three males kicked in the back door of a home on Atlas Drive. They forced a woman who was doing laundry into a back room with two children. two other children were asleep on a couch. The ages of the children range from 10 to 16 years old.

While one of the suspects held the woman at gunpoint with a TEC-9 automatic submachine gun, Trotwood Police Capt. John Porter said the two other suspects tried to steal a safe in the home.

Porter said the woman grabbed a gun in the home and shot the armed suspect and all three then fled the home.

When police arrived, they say they found one suspect dead in a neighbor’s side yard. Police say they found TEC-9 under him.

The other two suspects fled the area in an unknown vehicle.

Police say an autopsy found that the suspect died of a single gunshot to the left shoulder. That bullet pierced a major artery before exiting the right shoulder.

A second gun, a semi-automatic handgun, was recovered in the house. Porter said investigators believe it belonged to one of the suspects who left it behind while trying to carry the safe out of the house.

After the shooting, the suspects left the safe behind.

Watch the report here:

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