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HOT SEAT! FoxNews Kelly grills Cruz on Record: ‘What Have You Actually Accomplished?’

This was no softball interview!

Tonight on Megyn Kelly didn’t hold back quick into the interview with Ted Cruz speaking to him on his short time in the United States Senate and questioning his experience.

Kelly fairly brought up the comparison he’s basically at the same place Barack Obama was and the GOP doesn’t want that to happen on their side. Cruz rejected the idea that he and Obama are similar in any fashion other than they were first term Senators. For one, he said, Obama was a “back bencher” while he (Cruz) has been out there getting things done.

Kelly kept up the pressure questions on criticisms and point blank asked Cruz, “What have you actually accomplished?” Cruz said he has been “stopping bad things from happening,” specifically citing how he helped put a stop to Obama’s proposals on gun control reform.

Kelly pressed Cruz again, saying that for a president it’s not enough to stop bad things, you have to “bring coalitions together.” Cruz talked up a piece of legislation he proposed that unanimously passed both houses and claimed, “I had more legislation pass the Senate than all but a handful of Republicans.”

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