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House of Cards, Season 5 Canceled?

What the hell is this? What are you all talking about? You can’t end House Of Cards where you left off.

Word is that playwright Beau Willimon wants to create a real-life political drama and leave the fiction alone. He wants to be a thorn in the side of the Trump administration and if that means leaving the show, that’s what he plans on doing.

This dude wants to fight Donald J Trump? Are you kidding me?

His presence is huge as it will leave the story in shambles from what I’ve read at the Inquisitir. This would be a huge blow to the many fans who were waiting for the new season to begin.

From The Inquisitir:

Despite scoring high ratings and overall critical acclaim, there are some rumblings that the hit TV series “House of Cards” is getting canceled. “House of Cards” is on its fifth season and seems to be getting better with age so news of the show getting canceled is a bit of a surprise. Add the fact that if “House of Cards” does indeed get cut off abruptly, fans will definitely be left with a major cliffhanger to the story arc.

The reason behind the possible sudden departure of the show stems from the fact that the show runner of “House of Cards” will be going on a hiatus from the show. Beau Willimon, is reportedly going from creating fictional political drama to entering real-life political drama. According to Heat Street, the head honcho of “House of Cards” will be focusing on forming the Action Group Network which is an organization aimed at providing a “vocal, active, united, opposition” to President-elect Donald Trump.

While Willimon is venturing in his newfound quest to become a thorn at the impending Donald Trump administration. This has left the TV show “House of Cards” with a lot of fresh problems. While the show did offer a press release that “House of Cards” will be in good hands because run by Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, it seems like the duo is finding it hard to continue the show.

According to Travelers Today, the creative team that writes the political scenes for “House of Cards” are finding it extremely difficult to make season 5 even better than the last season.

I don’t care who you pull in to take that dude’s place, find someone and let’s get this season 5 started. The show must go on and if doesn’t want to play a part, let the door pound his back on the way out.

What are you planning to do if the show is cancelled? Leave your comments below.

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