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House of Representatives vote to restore gun rights to felons with this MAJOR stipulation

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in support of a move that would allow non-violent felons to have their gun rights restored after completing their sentences.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) introduced an amendment to the Justice Department Spending Bill that would put in place the proper mechanisms for non-violent felons to apply to have their firearms rights restored.

gun rights

There is currently a process in place to do so, however, due to previous legislation that process is essentially de-funded, which means the Justice Department has not been processing those applications for years. This means there is essentially no way for a felon to apply to have their firearms rights restored.

“America is a land of second chances. One mistake should not define your future. A law-abiding, 45-year-old dad who made one mistake at 18 should have the choice of how best to protect his family or to take his kids hunting. He should have the chance to make a petition to restore his constitutional right to bear arms. This solution is long overdue,” Buck said

“This bill does not intend in any way, shape, or form to allow a violent criminal to possess a firearm,” Buck continued.

No one opposed the measure and it passed by a voice vote.

Share your thoughts on this legislation. Do you agree with the bill? 

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