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House Rep Pelosi Galore sends “Operation Obstruct” to participate in Benghazi Hearings including Elijah Cummings

Democratic Reps. Elijah Cummings, Adam Smith, Adam Schiff, Linda Sanchez, and Tammy Duckworth will join the committee, which is to be chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

Elijah Cummings? He just got caught being a part of the scandal he was investigating regarding the IRS! He tried to obstruct the whole time. Nancy must be scaaaaared…

“We hoped that the House Republican leaders would not go down the path forming a select committee,” she said in a press conference. “We’ve already been there,” she added, citing the eight reviews conducted and 25,000 documents released. “It was not necessary to put the families or our country through this partisan exercise once again.”

“Regrettably, the Republican approach does not prevent the unacceptable and repeated abuses committed by Chairman [Darrell] Issa in any meaningful way,” she said. “That is all the more reason for democrats to participate in the committee, to be there to fight for fair hearing and process, to try to bring some openness and transparency to what’s going on.”

Pelosi said she easily could have gone the other way and decided not to lend any “validity” to the Republican effort.

“But I do think it is important for the American people to have the pursuit of these questions done in as fair and open and balanced way as possible,” she said. “That simply would not be possible leaving it to the Republicans.”

Suck it up liberals. The American people want to know why Obama and Hillary lied to them. And, at the same time, they want to see Obama take one step to hold VA
bureaucrats accountable. Since he won’t, there will not be a lot of love for house Democrat blowhards. Karma.

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