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Pray for the Pastors of Houston Facebook Page

#HoustonWeHaveAProblem: Twitter Blocks Pro-Pastor petition, Blames a ‘Glitch’

In the wake of the outrage over an unconstitutional subpoena demanding church communications and copies of sermons by Houston officials, a petition was circulated on Twitter under the hashtag: #HoustonWeHaveAProblem.

The goal of the petition has been surpassed and is still going strong, despite Twitter, who blocked the link to the petition, as reported at the Daily Signal.

Not surprisingly,

A Twitter spokesman says the ban was a technical malfunction.

In an email, the spokesperson said “The URL was mistakenly flagged as spam last week, by an outside organization that tracks spam sources. We quickly restored access and apologize for the error.”

The Christian Post reported in December that a similar “glitch” took place that “reportedly blocked users from tweeting the phrase ‘,’ a hashtag representing the petition drive to have Phil Robertson reinstated to A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ reality show.”

Back in April, this author did an experiment after noticing that although it seemed like #BundyRanch was trending, it was not listed as a trending hashtag on the U.S. trends list, as reported at Liberty Unyielding.

While it is well known in conservative circles that the social media giant Facebook repeatedly and inconsistently shuts down pages and blocks conservative posts, there has been less scrutiny on Twitter. Perhaps it is time to pay attention, or even come up with an alternative.

The background of the events that led to the subpoena can be found at

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