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How Liberal Media is Picking the 2016 Republican Candidates

If you ask any conservative Republican, very few would say that Mitt Romney should run for the presidency again in 2016. However, CNN would like you to believe that their poll of “Republicans” puts Romney in a significant lead over other potential contenders. Because no self-respecting conservative or Republican would be caught dead watching CNN, it is my humble opinion that the only “Republicans” that this poll represents are the RINOs, and the Progressives. No grassroots conservative would think about voting for Romney, unless we had absolutely no other choice. But the liberal media wants you to believe he has a shot. You can read that hogwash here.

I don’t even know nine people who would vote for Jeb Bush, to be entirely honest with you. I submit that CNN wants people to believe Romney has a chance, because it makes Hillary Clinton look better. Romney has his evil binders of women, and poor Mrs. Clinton has been an advocate for women since her days as first lady. But let’s be honest; how can we expect a woman who couldn’t save four people in Benghazi to save a whole country? Just because she’s a female doesn’t mean she’s the voice of women across America, and she CERTAINLY doesn’t speak for me.

Grassroots conservatives cannot allow Romney or any other mainstream/progressive Republican to secure the nomination. We need someone who represents us, who will listen to our voice, and who cares about our struggles just as much as they care about their own. We need someone with a spine, who will stand up to our enemies, foreign and domestic and who will bring honesty and true transparency into the government. Social media is an amazing platform to make our voices heard. Liberals may have the idiot box, but conservatives have the internet and the radio. Twitter and Facebook are our tools, and we need to use them to enact the change we want to see.

The year 2016 is fast approaching, ladies and gentlemen, and the very soul of America is in the balance. You can no longer afford to sit silent and allow your life to be led by those with no concern for your well-being. You need to make your voice heard or you have no right to complain when the results aren’t what you want.

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