How the GOP Can Win Congress and the Presidency for 500 Years

Some social conservatives won’t like this message, but after weighing all the options, I believe this strategy would have the best outcome for America and freedom in my opinion.

How can the GOP win the presidency and Congress for the next 500 years? Simple. Drop social issues like abortion and gay marriage. The GOP’s stand on abortion is the left’s biggest weapon against it and they used the weapon relentlessly in the last election. The Republican Party should be the party of personal responsibility, freedom, jobs, and strong national defense, not the party of dictating family matters.

Republican and independent women voted for Obama in the last election because the left portrayed the GOP as the party that would take away women’s and family’s right to choose. They will use the weapon again in 2014 and 2016.

In 2012, Obama got 56% of the women’s vote, Romney got 44%. According to Gallup, it was the largest gap in its history of polling.

Currently, the GOP is reaching out to minority voters in the hope that that will swing elections for them. While I believe we should be expanding our base to include more minorities, I don’t believe any gains made with them will be enough to make a difference in future elections. The GOP will have to make a historic change in its attitude towards social issues, especially regarding a woman’s right to choose.

I’ve heard some conservatives say that they can’t “not” stand for life. The GOP doesn’t need to change its position on “life,” it would only have to change its position on “choice.” The GOP should support freedom from government dictating to families what their reproductive options are, while at the same time reiterating its stand on life. The choice whether to reproduce is up to each individual family. The government shouldn’t be involved. As Republican and former Senator Fred Thompson said on abortion: “Government should stay out of it… The ultimate decision must be made by the women… Government should treat its citizens as adults capable of making moral decisions on their own.”

In 2012, a national poll of 1000 adults was taken by Chesapeake Beach Consulting. The poll found that 71% of Republicans believe that women & families should determine whether to have an abortion, not the government. It’s a shocking number, but one that shows most Republicans want government out of a family’s reproductive decision making process. A link to the poll is here.

pro choice poll final

Think about it. If the GOP can put a lock on elections, it will mean no more America-hating Obamas, no more freedom-killing legislation like Obamacare, no more IRS targeting conservatives, no more Benghazis, no more gun grabs, etc. Or we can stand for government dictating to families their reproductive choices and get more of the above, and watch America slowly be transformed into a socialist utopia.

The GOP has a good chance of taking the Senate in 2014, but only because Democrats pushed the huge blunder that is Obamacare. Republicans might win because of the Democratic Party’s mistake. But in war, you can’t count on the other side making a mistake, you have to do what it takes to ensure victory. The GOP changing its stand on social issues, especially its stand on choice, would guarantee victory for hundreds of years, and we would stop America from becoming a socialist machine which would trample all individual rights.

If you agree with this assessment, please share this article with your friends & family on Twitter & Facebook, and with your elected Republican officials. Let’s move towards victory, not away from it.

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