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How to Effectively Argue Climate Change

Today we live in a world that has a media and people on social spewing lies on climate change and their end of the world nonsense like this. I want to provide you with the facts and arguments based my ten years of experience trying to bring the science of climate change out of its dogma from those True Believers of Human Caused Climate Change, or Anthropic Climate Change (ACC). My first comment I post will almost always be this:

There is nothing happening in the climate today that is beyond normal variation.

Then I sit back and watch the True Believers go ballistic. They will always follow the same pattern, hence it’s fairly easy to be prepared. (Speaking of being prepared, one must by having a large collection of bookmarks, especially to actual science references categorized to find them quickly. I will provide those links with subsequent posts.) One of the comments back inevitably will be this:

Climate change is a fact.

Well, yes it is. It’s been a fact for 4.5 billion years of change, long before there were SUV’s driving around. What is emphatically not a fact is that we are causing the climate to change. Those who make that claim do not understand the difference between mechanisms and events. Events are things we see, which we can measure. The climate changing is something we can measure, and the climate is changing  – no question. The geological record shows a rich series of changes in the climate. Those are facts. So make sure you reply to those who call us ‘deniers’ that no one denies the fact that the climate changes.

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